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D&D Club Kids sitting at round tables playing a game
D&D Club Kids sitting at round table playing a game


Welcome to Claude A. Wilcox Elementary, a school wide title 1 school! We are proud to carry on the Wilcox Tigers tradition of excellence in education. Wilcox Elementary opened its doors in the fall of 1975; and the learning has never stopped. Wilcox Elementary School is  part of the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25. The school's administration is led by Principal Krista Campos. 

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Mr. Barton is a quiet, compassionate educator. He has been a part of our school district for over 20 years and in that time has experienced many changes in technology, curriculum, programs, innovations, and policies. Through all of that, I have never heard him speak an unkind word or share a negative thought about anyone or anything. Mr. Barton has a fabulous sense of humor and engages students in learning through funny voices, animated stories, and focused and targeted instruction. Mr. Barton is well-loved by our entire Wilcox community.

Mrs. Campos, Principal

Bennett walks into my classroom at the beginning of the day with a happy attitude and a smile on his face and leaves with that same smile. At the beginning of the school year, we talked about the difference between growth and fixed mindset. Bennett is always good about thinking and acting with a growth mindset. I appreciate when he helps his classmates focus on their growth mindset. I feel like Bennett is a good example to me and his classmates of one who shows good character, attitude, kindness and encouragement.

Ms. Kathryn Crandall, 3rd Grade Teacher

Anastasia works hard to increase her learning and helps others when she can. She uses school signals to guide her classmates without talking. She is always willing to help in the classroom and is kind to those around her resulting in the building of good friendships. She has stepped out of her comfort zone to participate, leading others that are shy or new to our school to do the same. When classwork proves challenging, grit is applied before questions are asked. She is thoughtful with her actions and words. She is a huge asset to our class.

Ms. Teresa Lewis, 3rd Grade Teacher

Bryson makes sure a younger schoolmate gets home safely every day; including in the random intense snowstorm. I was so pleased to hear of this unusual example of compassion and caring, and the example set by a 4th grade young man to a kindergarten little boy. Way to go Bryson! Thank you for all you do and keep helping others! 

Ms. Sluder

Mr. Barton is one of the funniest teachers I’ve ever had and made sure everyone had fun in his class. He taught me that school can be rewarding and impacted my life long skills by teaching me that hard work isn’t bad, but helps you grow and learn.

Venna F.

Ms. Dayley helps me understand math and understanding math will help me get a good education and a good job in the future. She is a kind teacher, she helps us when we need help and she knows what’s best.

Ranon B.